Star Trek Slash Links

Archive of Our Own : The Garak/Bashir tag of this multi-fandom archive is a great place to find stuff.

Trekiverse : The archive for the alt.startrek.creative* newsgroup hierarchy. This archive has been relaunched with modern software -- you can upload and mainstain your stories yourself, and review others' work!

Doctor, Tailor (LiveJournal) : If you have a LiveJournal, check out this community for fans of Garak/Bashir slash and friendship.

Doctor, Tailor (Dreamwidth) : And if you have a Dreamwidth journal, you can join this parallel community!

Cardassia Sutra : An extensive G/B-specific archive. Many authors, many wonderful stories. No longer updated, but a wonderful source of older G/B.

The Garak/Bashir Fuh-q Fest : Stories and art from all eight rounds of this retired fest.

Kinky Corner : A list of kinky story links for all Trek series. Satisfy all your kinky Trek cravings!

Elizabeth Helena's Stories : All of Elizabeth Helena's excellent DS9 stories, including her Top Ten Lists. She's one of my favorite writers, so check her out!

Charlene Vickers' Fan Fiction : All the fanfic Charlene has written since 2005, and a few she wrote before then.

Tales of A. Kite : A. Kite's fanfic page, with half a dozen sweet G/B stories. Her Hidden Talents remains one of my favorites.

Fred, Lover of Wesley's A** : Ah, Fred, master of squick! :0) No longer updated.

Diana and Joanne's Slash Sensation : Longfic AU from back when longfic AU was very rare! No longer updated.

Star Trek General Links

Una McCormack's DS9 Pages : Una's fanfic and links to info about her profic; slash and gen fanfic by Henrietta Wotton; fanfic by Cardie-ologist.

Sid City : The official website for Sid. Info on Sid, his fan club, plus fan art, photos, and a friendly message board.